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NGK SPARK PLUG further increases car parc coverage with launch of 12 new precious metal ignition heroes

NGK SPARK PLUG, the world’s leading ignition and sensor specialist, announces the release of 12 brand new spark plugs to its Aftermarket range. The majority double precious metal spark plugs, five of which are first to market, will cover over 3.5 million vehicles by 2023; further expanding the company’s already comprehensive car parc product range. Each spark plug follows the OE business of NGK SPARK PLUG, delivering the company’s renowned quality and performance.

Launched in four-phases over the months of May, July, August and September, the new spark plugs cover many high-volume vehicle models. Eleven spark plugs are double precious metal types while one plug is a single precious metal type equipped with an iridium alloy centre electrode.

Released in May and July, the double precious metal references DILKAR7D11H, ILTR6R8G, DILKR6A11 and DILZKR7B11GS offer high resistance against wear, with references DILKAR7D11H and ILTR6R8G pioneering in the Independent Aftermarket. Reference DILKAR7D11H covers key Nissan and Renault applications, such as variations of the Nissan Qashqai II, X-Trail and Renault Koleos, while ILTR6R8G offers high performance for recent Ford Focus applications such as the Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost and Focus 2.3 RS. Reference DILKR6A11, moreover, serves an impressive amount of Hyundai/Kia applications such as the Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 and the Kia Sorento, while DILZKR7B11GS covers a variety of Honda models like the Civic and CR-V.

August saw the launch of six further precious metal spark plugs. Single precious metal reference ZKR7BI-10 is tailor made to fit Fiat and Jeep applications, while the double precious metal references SILZKFR8D7G and SITR7A11G are pioneering in the Independent Aftermarket. The former serves a high range of vehicles from the manufacturers Mercedes, Dacia and Renault, with the latter designed for various Aston Martin models such as the DB9, Rapide, V12 and Vanquish. References DILKAR7E11HS and DILKAR8A8 cover a variety of Nissan models such as the Micra IV, Note II and the GT-R, while reference IKER7A8EGS offers wide-ranging coverage of recent Audi, Škoda, Volkswagen and Seat applications, such as the Audi A1 30TFSi, the Škoda Kamiq 1.0 TSi and the Volkswagen Caddy 1.0 TSi Blue Motion.

The references PKER7A8DES and ILTR6S8 were released in September, with the latter which serves recent Ford models such as the Focus and the Explorer, pioneering in the Independent Aftermarket. In addition, reference PKER7A8DES serves a high number of CNG-powered vehicles from Seat, Škoda and Volkswagen, such as the Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TGi Blue Motion.

With the exception of the ‘Laser Platinum’ reference PKER7A8DES which comes equipped with platinum plates on the centre and the ground electrode and guarantees constant output of the spark plug over the entire service life, all new spark plugs are additions to the company’s premium ‘Laser Iridium’ range. These double precious metal spark plugs feature a laser-welded iridium alloy on the centre electrode and a platinum chip on the ground electrode, guaranteeing optimal performance and lifetime. Together the 12 new spark plugs cover more than 2 million cars across Europe in 2020, rising to over 3.5 million vehicles by 2023: a forecast increase of 68% within the next three years.

The inclusion of the 12 new ignition heroes to NGK SPARK PLUG’s Independent Aftermarket range, illustrates the company’s dedication to extending its already extensive car parc coverage. Xavier Pesca, Director Global PIMs & Head of Category Management EMEA Aftermarket at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE confirmed: “As the largest global OE supplier of 4-wheel spark plugs, our passion revolves around manufacturing the ideal spark plug for each and every vehicle. Our commitment to producing ignition and sensor technology of the highest quality is the reason why world-leading companies such as Ford, Renault-Nissan, Volkswagen and many others trust our expertise for original supply.”

The four references released in May and July are already listed in TecDoc. The references from August will be published in TecDoc in October, with the two from September following in November. All new references will also be included in the company’s next spark plug print catalogue. More details can be found at


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