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NTK - The brand for vehicle electronics

Three letters stand for optimal precision and first-class quality: Developed and tested in order to withstand the most extreme conditions, products from the NTK Vehicle Electronics brand ensure improved engine performance, reliability, and efficiency. It’s not just in the mobility of tomorrow that NTK products play a key role. With its first-class technology, production methods that satisfy the most demanding of requirements and standards, and its comprehensive product line, the NTK Vehicle Electronics product range is used by both OE and aftermarket customers in equal measure. Exceptional quality, uncompromising reliability, and a continual effort to strive for perfection enable the company to produce outstanding product solutions!

Oxygen / Lambda Sensors

NTK oxygen/lambda sensors are known for their high quality and broad vehicle coverage. They are an important technical element that guarantee the reduction of pollutant emissions from combustion engines, in the aim of making engines cleaner and more productive.

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Exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS) measure the temperature of components within the exhaust gas system. This guarantees optimal running characteristics, contributes to the reduction of pollutant emissions, and protects the components against thermal damage.

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MAP / MAF Sensors

These sensors are an integral part of modern engine management systems They send information to the engine control unit, which controls the mixture of air and fuel. This allows engines to work more efficiently and with lower emissions. Thanks to reduced fuel consumption, the sensors contribute to creating an environmentally friendly combustion process. Strict tests ensure that they fulfil the highest of standards and deliver excellent performance under all conditions.

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Engine Speed & Position Sensors

Speed and position sensors are crucial in ensuring the optimal running of a combustion engine. They provide the engine control unit with the most important information from the crankshaft and the camshaft, which is essential for the operation of the engine. In highly complex engine processes, the precise timing of fuel injection and ignition are essential to efficient operation.

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EGR Valves

NTK EGR valves are designed to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) generated during combustion and to help protect the engine.

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EDP Sensors

EDPS are required to provide the engine control units with the necessary information regarding the exhaust gas pressures and the filling level of the diesel particle filter.

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Ultra-precise products from NTK

The product range of the NTK Vehicle Electronics brand includes ultra-precise components, grouped into six product lines: Lambda sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors, exhaust gas recirculation valves, intake manifold/charging pressure sensors and mass air flow sensors, speed and position sensors, and exhaust gas and differential pressure sensors.
Developed to withstand the most extreme conditions, Niterra offers OE and aftermarket customers a product portfolio characterised by optimal precision. Through their clever use of technology, products from the NTK Vehicle Electronics brand enable more efficient engine operation and make a positive contribution to environmental protection. 
Niterra has always been characterised by its efforts to strive for precision, reliability, and efficiency. In light of increasingly strict exhaust gas standards, these properties are essential to the development of future-oriented product solutions.

Products from the NTK Vehicle Electronics brand stand for first-class technology, making a significant contribution to making combustion engines cleaner and more efficient

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