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NTK Vehicle Electronics expands EGR valve range with 53 new references

Three NTK EGR vlaves in front of their packages on a white background
Ignition and vehicle electronics specialist Niterra is pleased to announce the addition of 53 new exhaust gas recirculation valves under its NTK Vehicle Electronics brand. The new references cover an additional vehicle population of approximately 1.2 million vehicles. The new products double the number of current part numbers. In addition, five of these new EGR valves are equipped with a cooler.

The tightening of emissions regulations in the European Union and the general demand for cleaner combustion engines are in line with Niterra's aim to expand its EGR valve range and offer more part references and greater coverage in the NORDIC region. Increasing customer demand and the growing need for efficient components that effectively reduce emissions offer great growth potential for these references.

"The continuous expansion of our EGR valve range enables us to cover an even wider range of vehicles. It is also proof of our ability to meet the automotive industry's aftermarket requirements with high-quality parts and underlines our ability to supply our customers with vehicle electronics," comments Thomas Nelles, General Manager Aftermarket DACH & NORDICS at Niterra EMEA GmbH.

Niterra's high quality standards stipulate that all valves have undergone extensive testing under the most extreme conditions to meet the stringent EU Euro standards and provide excellent emission performance that matches that of the original equipment.

EGR valves were first used in Europe in the 1990s to meet the Euro 1 emissions standards. While today they are installed in all diesel vehicles, 30% of gasoline vehicles are already equipped with this component. EGR valves are of central importance when it comes to making combustion engines "cleaner". They ensure that exhaust gases are fed back into the combustion process in order to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted during combustion.

Seven of these items for the aftermarket were launched in mid-January 2024, are already in stock and available for sale. The remaining 46 items will be released by the end of March. The new valves will be supplied with OE accessories such as seals and/or O-rings.


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