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EGR valves (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) are present in all of today’s diesel engines and in a growing number of petrol engines as well. Designed to reduce harmful emissions and help protect the engine, NTK EGR valves are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards.

 100% of diesel engines in Europe are fitted with an EGR valve

Reduces pollutants to meet Euro norms

42% market coverage – and growing

Comprehensive technical support

EGR Valves Types

There are three basic types of EGR valves. Pneumatic EGR valves have a vacuum controlled diaphragm. These valves can enable a higher flow rate that is required by newer diesel applications. Electric EGR valves are controlled through integrated electronics. These valves are run directly by the engine’s control unit and can be much more precisely regulated. And then there are electric EGR valves that have a cooling unit to further reduce the temperature of the exhaust gases. 

The new range has the same high quality like all the other products that Niterra are renowned for. To ensure this, all our valve types have undergone and passed testing carried out in extreme conditions. This includes thermal shock testing in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 150°C, tests on valve, cavity and cooling leakage, as well as electrical resistance and lifecycle.

One exhaust gas recirculation product on a rubber drawer in a garage

EGR Valves Function Principles

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are produced during the combustion process. NOx is created when high combustion temperatures enable the nitrogen and oxygen present in the air-fuel mixture to combine. To reduce these harmful emissions the EGR valve takes exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold and reintroduces them into the intake manifold, mixing them with fresh air. This has a double effect, reducing the amount of oxygen in the air-fuel mixture and reducing the temperature, and thereby reducing the amount of NOx the engine produces.


Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve on a black backgrund with green light

January 2022

This video shows the airflow through the components in the vehicle to the exhaust tract.

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