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Niterra Group

The Niterra Group builds on two strong divisions: Automotive Components and Technical Ceramics. The automotive portfolio includes everything to supply the complete ignition process as well as sensor technology. NTK Technical Ceramics offers the highest quality of ceramic products including semiconductor products, fine ceramics and cutting tools for different industrial areas.

Two Divisions, One Company

Niterra comprises two, distinct business groups, which together employ more than 16,145 people. They generate a total annual turnover of around 3.8 billion Euros worldwide.

Business Areas

The majority of our business activities involve automotive components in the areas of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and IAM (Independent Aftermarket). With an increasing share, technical ceramic products generate 12% of the total business.

Product Portfolio

The two brands offer a combined portfolio of nine, continually updated product lines, covering about 70,000 applications. Every range delivers extremely high vehicle coverage.

Easy-reference, up-to-date product information is also widely available. Every NGK and NTK part is listed in the TecDoc and MAM electronic catalogues. In addition, printed and PDF format product catalogues are produced in 13 languages. Brochures, flyers and newsletters share additional valuable information with customers. Online, its website includes a useful company Part Finder to source product and vehicle details at the click of a mouse.

With further customer benefits in mind, all Niterra packaging features striking design for easy identification. Every pack is labelled on two sides for flexible, easy-scan stock management. Sensors are protected by an unsealed plastic bag for fast, easy inspection.

NGK and NTK Global

Niterra is a true global player with subsidiaries and partners all around the world.

Technical Center

In our Technical Center in Ratingen, Germany, we develop and test the products of tomorrow.

Job Opportunities

Niterra provides exciting job opportunities in all corporate areas.