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NGK SPARK PLUG’s extensive Aftermarket 4-wheel coverage has been even further bolstered by the launch of three new spark plugs and one new glow plug. All three spark plugs are double precious metal plugs that follow the OE business of the ignition specialist. The new spark and glow plugs offer premium performance levels and high resistance against wear. 

The four new references are designed for many high-volume models from manufacturers such as Ford, Audi, Seat, Škoda, Volkswagen, Nissan, Opel and Renault. In total, they have a car parc coverage of more than 3.3 million vehicles in 2021. This coverage, however, will continue to grow and is projected to expand by 48% within the next two years, reaching almost 5 million cars during this period.

In addition, the Laser Iridium references DILTR6A8G and ILKER7B8DES are first-to-market replacement parts, further confirming NGK SPARK PLUG’s dedication to provide comprehensive vehicle ignition coverage for every vehicle. Reference DILTR6A8G is designed for the Ford Fiesta ST EcoBoost 1.5 (as of model year 2018), while reference ILKER7B8DES is tailor-made for recent VW Group CNG versions of the Audi A3 and the Volkswagen Golf (as of model year 2018). The Laser Iridium reference ILKER7A8EGS covers, among others, the Audi A1, A3, Q2 and Q3, the Seat Ibiza, the Škoda Octavia and Superb and the Volkswagen Golf and Passat (as of model year 2015). 

NGK SPARK PLUG’s Laser Iridium range features spark plugs with a thin laser-welded iridium centre electrode for improved ignition, mostly along with a ground electrode featuring a platinum chip. The spark plugs also contain metal plating for superior protection against corrosion and seizing. In addition, the range guarantees better fuel economy, lower emissions and longevity. 

Reference Y1047AS is another addition to the company’s comprehensive Yellow Box Line glow plug range. It serves a high number of recent diesel-powered applications from Nissan, Opel and Renault (as of model year 2010). The glow plug features AQGS (Advanced Quick Glow System) technology which guarantees outstanding quality and performance.

“The addition of three new double precious metal spark plugs along with another Yellow Box Line glow plug further boosts our already very strong Aftermarket offer,” comments Xavier Pesca, Director Global PIMs & Head of Category Management EMEA Aftermarket at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE. “Moreover, the sales potential for our customers will continue to grow since the car parc covered by the new plugs is set to increase by almost 50% within the next two years.”

While reference DILTR6A8G has been listed in TecDoc since mid-June, the other remaining plugs will be made available there from 16 September 2021 onwards. All of the new references will be included in the company’s next 4-wheel spark and glow plug catalogue which will be launched in autumn 2021. More details can be found at



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