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Products for Marine and Personal Watercraft

Jumping waves, racing offshore, exploring the coastline: Driving in the open ocean is a true thrill for any motorized watercraft enthusiast. From leisure boats and jet skis to personal watercraft (PWC) for professional purposes, drivers depend on a reliable engine when going out on the sea.

Gearing Up for Maximum Performance

Whether equipped with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, every boat and personal watercraft has specific maintenance needs. Keeping your craft in a good shape not only means storing it correctly throughout the seasons, but also keeping the engine healthy. As an integral part of the engine, the ignition system components require regular checks and replacement. NGK marine spark plugs are the ideal solution to meet the demands of off-shore adventures ensuring full engine performance and outstanding reliability. In addition, special oxygen sensors for inboard boats and outboard engines ensure high quality and reliability in seawater.

The ultimate testing ground for NGK and NTK products


NGK SPARK PLUG is now Niterra!

But don‘t worry: Moving forward doesn‘t mean we‘re leaving our heritage and quality standards behind.
Our new company name ‘Niterra’ expresses the Group’s desire to be a company that not only contributes to a sustainable society, but also one that makes the earth shine.

The iconic brands - NGK and NTK - have built up highly impressive levels of brand loyalty and will therefore continue to exist for the company’s respective ignition and sensor businesses.

Get to know all about our new company name and what our future vision looks like:

A new beginning
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