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Mock up of a modern glas building in a city of Japan with blue sky
NGK SPARK PLUG, the world’s leading ignition and sensor specialist, is excited to announce the upcoming relocation of the company’s global head office functions in Japan. The move will take place in April 2022, with the new headquarters located at the ‘URBANNET NAGOYA nexta BUILDING’ in Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City.

The relocation is a further step in the company’s 2030 Long-Term Management Plan, ‘NITTOKU BX’ which provides a framework for the complete transformation of NGK SPARK PLUG into an environmentally sustainable company for a wide variety of future needs. This plan includes the development of a ‘new way of working’ that involves a flexible work environment. In addition, it will facilitate the creation of innovations based on new ideas, as well as the breaking down of organisational, communication and external barriers, to create diverse points of contact. These new premises are designed to meet the goals of ‘NITTOKU BX’.
Situated between the 16th–19th floors of the URBANNET NAGOYA nexta BUILDING – which is currently under construction – the new global head office will cover a total of 4,400m2. The new, easy-to-access premises will be equipped with a café, a showroom and stress-free internet connections. More open communication and targeted zoning of the floors will be hallmarks of the new headquarters, as the company strives to further accelerate innovation. 

In addition, the new head office will be home to many major new initiatives. These include a face recognition security system, a transition to a paperless way of working and the introduction of a ‘Dokodemo Extension System’ that facilitates calls from home or on business trips. Moreover, non-territorial workspaces will be present on all floors and office space will include a green visibility rate of at least 10% to reduce stress and fatigue. 

“The relocation of our global head office functions to the URBANNET NAGOYA nexta BUILDING in Nagoya perfectly symbolises the transformative path we are on,” says Damien Germès the President & CEO of NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE GmbH, Regional President EMEA and Corporate Officer of the Global Headquarters in Japan. “This new state-of-the-art facility is designed with our 2040 vision – ‘Beyond ceramics, eXceeding imagination’ – in mind. The new head office will help us strengthen various corporate functions as the company changes drastically beyond the current way.”
The new premises will house around 500 employees. Remote work will be promoted, with the number of office seats reduced to 70% of the full capacity. The departments present at the building will include the Strategic Headquarters (Digital Transformation [DX], Corporate Strategy, Strategic Human Resources etc.), Business Partner Companies (General Administration, Personnel Labour, Accounting & Finance, Supply Chain Management [SCM] etc.), Secretarial Office and Mobility Business Company (MBC). 

A decision regarding the use of the previous Mizuho-ku head office after the relocation has not yet been made as some functions will remain in the previously used building. There will be no impact on production due to the relocation. The company’s legal registration address, however, will continue to be 14-18 Takatsuji-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya 467-8525.


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