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Niterra’s NTK Vehicle Electronics extends EGR valve range by 53 new references

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Ignition and vehicle electronics specialist Niterra is pleased to announce the addition of 53 new state-of-the-art EGR valves from its NTK Vehicle Electronics brand. The new references will cover an additional car parc of approximately 25 million vehicles and help expand the company’s total car parc to more than 110 million vehicles in the EMEA region. The new products provide a boost of 50% to the current part numbers. Additionally, five new EGR references are added with a cooler, bringing the total to seven such parts in the range. These are prefaced with a C in the NTK type number.

The European Union’s tightening emissions rules and a general push to provide cleaner combustion engines corresponds with Niterra’s aim to boost its EGR valve offerings and to provide more parts references and greater coverage in the EMEA Region. Growing demand from customers and an increase in the need for efficient components that effectively cut emissions and help to protect the environment mean that these references have a strong potential for future growth.

Crucially, these additional references will cover several Asian automakers currently missing from the product line-up, such as applications for Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Daihatsu and Suzuki vehicles, including the reference EGE5-V116 for the popular Grand Vitara II crossover. Other notable references include EGE5-D064, which covers a number of popular Volvo models including the C30, S40, V40, and XC60.

“The continued extension of our state-of-the-art EGR valve range enables us to offer this top-range component to even more customers, including more Asian automakers. It is also evidence of our ability to continually meet the Aftermarket demands of the auto industry with high-quality parts and underlines our capacity to provide our customers with all their vehicle electronics needs”, comments Frank Massia, Director Marketing Aftermarket EMEA at Niterra EMEA GmbH. 

By the time the enlargement of the EGR valve range is complete in 2025, there will be a total of 153 part references and an EMEA car parc coverage of 121 million. Focus will be given to consolidating the range and identifying new stock keeping units (SKUs). 

Niterra’s stringent quality standards determine that these new valves have undergone extensive testing under the most extreme conditions to adhere to tough EC Euro norms and offer superb emissions performance, in line with their OE equivalents.

EGR valves were first used in Europe in the 1990s in order to meet Euro 1 emissions standards. While they are fitted in all diesel cars built today, only 30% of petrol cars are equipped with this component. In some new models, two EGR valves are fitted – a low-pressure and high-pressure unit - which points to a strong Aftermarket demand for replacement parts in the future. EGR valves are key in the push to make ICE engines cleaner and work by recirculating the exhaust gases into the air manifold to cut the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) gases emitted during the combustion process. 

Seven of these key Aftermarket components were launched in mid-January 2024 and are already in stock and available for sale, with the remaining 46 to be released by the end of March, at which point customers will be able to locate specific parts references in TecDoc, and in due course, in the Part Finder and printed catalogue

The new valves will be supplied with OE-style accessories such as gaskets and/or O-rings.

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