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Loyalty programme proPoints to be expanded to Poland

proPoints lettering in silver and blue
NGK SPARK PLUG, the world’s leading ignition and sensor specialist, is happy to announce the further expansion of ‘proPoints’ to Poland. proPoints is a collaborative loyalty programme between four leading companies – CLARIOS, HELLA, NGK SPARK PLUG and ZF which encompasses the following ten premium brands: NGK Ignition Parts, NTK Vehicle Electronics, HELLA, Hella Pagid, Hella Gutmann, ZF, LEMFÖRDER, SACHS, TRW and VARTA. The programme allows participating independent garages to claim attractive rewards when purchasing Aftermarket products.

In its short existence, proPoints has achieved significant success, with more and more workshops in Austria and Germany signing up to avail themselves of its wide range of offers. This has resulted in the logical next step of its expansion further afield to Poland, where workshops there will now also be given the opportunity to collect bonus points for more than 70% of the Aftermarket products that they purchase. These can then be exchanged for a variety of high quality consumer goods with workshop appeal, ranging from tools, sport equipment and consumer electronics, to office and kitchen accessories.

Using proPoints, moreover, is simple. Upon registering at, Polish workshops can buy desired products from one of the participating distributors. Depending on the purchase value, garages are automatically credited with 25 points per 500 Polish Zloty turnover. In addition, they can acquire further points through various special promotions, which can then be redeemed for attractive rewards.

“By expanding proPoints to Poland, we are widening our comprehensive offer to workshops, allowing them to shop premium brands for their customers,” says David Loy, Vice President Aftermarket EMEA at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE GmbH. “Poland, however, is just the beginning,” he informs. “Given its success and popularity, we are planning to roll proPoints out in Switzerland and Czechia in early 2023.”


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