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SlashesThe Right Product for Every Engine

Tough jobs call for tough equipment, especially when it comes to industrial applications. From mining trucks to construction vehicles, stationary engines to block heat and power plants – all of these machines need engine components that offer exceptional reliability and outstanding performance in even the most demanding environments.

SlashesMaximum Productivity

Downtime causes extremely high costs, and NGK SPARK PLUG’s industrial spark plugs and glow plugs help ensure optimum working conditions for maximum productivity. Rounded off by regular changing intervals, industrial vehicles will be able to perform their tasks with ease. 

Benefits of our products

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Outstanding performance
  • High customer satisfaction
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The Ultimate Testing Ground for NGK and NTK Products

“Ensuring smooth execution while preventing machine downtime is what I strive for as a construction equipment parts dealer. That’s why I rely on spark plugs and ignition technology that delivers superb performance and long service life.”

René Pander

Product Manager (Division Outdoor Power Equipment)

From chainsaw to forklifts: Spark plugs power far more than you thought

How many petrol engines exist in the world? Before you check the latest car and motorcycle data, pause for a moment. Boats and agricultural vehicles are relevant too. So are generators, pumps and some of the garden tools in your shed. In fact, no-one knows the total. But the question does reveal how widely petrol engines are used, from the lightest lawnmower to the toughest forklift trucks. And they all rely on the power of spark plugs. We explore how these ‘small but mighty’ parts benefit our farms, gardens, industries and even our hobbies.

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