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NGK – The brand for ignition technology

Three letters stand for exceptional quality, reliability and efficiency: What began in 1937 with the production of the its first spark plugs in the Japanese city of Nagoya, was just the start of what has now become an 85-year success story for the NGK Ignition Parts brand. Based on technical ceramic, automotive components have always been a core area of competence for the company, which has developed into a leading global provider of ignition components for OE and aftermarket customers. With a unique and effective product portfolio and a host of applications, the NGK brand offers an extremely high level of vehicle coverage. It’s not just our spark plugs that meet the highest of technological requirements and standards - this can be said of all NGK products. Decades of experience, exceptional competence, and a continual effort to strive for perfection enable the company to produce first-class product solutions!

Spark Plugs

The product for which Niterra is best known! Available for almost every engine type, spark plugs are a vital component when it comes to igniting the mixture of air and fuel inside the combustion chamber of a petrol engine. As a provider of spark plugs for OE and aftermarket customers, Niterra is continually improving its products with a view to making combustion in engines cleaner and more efficient.

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Glow Plugs

Glow plugs enable optimal starting conditions and environmentally friendly combustion in diesel engines. With long-term experience in the development of glow plugs, both for OE and for the aftermarket, Niterra is continually setting new standards in the area of glow plug technology.

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Ignition Leads & Caps

Ignition leads and caps play a central role within the ignition process in many petrol engines. While ignition cables connect the ignition coils to the spark plugs, caps guarantee a secure connection between the spark plugs and the high-voltage ignition cable. Under extreme conditions such as heat and vibrations, NGK products impress on account of their reliability and efficient voltage transmission.

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Ignition Coils

Ignition coils supply high voltage to the spark plug, which is necessary in order to generate the ignition spark. The comprehensive NGK ignition coil range impresses with a high precision fit, exceptional vibration resistance, outstanding short circuit and moisture resistance, and a long service life.

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High-quality products from NGK

The product portfolio from the NGK Ignition Parts brand includes high-quality ignition components, grouped into four product lines offering very high vehicle coverage: Spark plugs, glow plugs, ignitions coils, and ignition cables and connectors.
Driven by a passion to develop products under the most extreme of conditions, Niterra offers OE and aftermarket customers all over the work a unique product range made up of powerful and reliable products and services, which satisfy the most demanding of technological requirements and standards. 
Uncompromising aspirations and a desire to strive for perfection are essential characteristics when developing first-class products and future-oriented solutions. 

NGK Ignition Parts are the fruit of decades of experience and exceptional competence, applied with a view to making combustion engines cleaner and more efficient.

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