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TekniWiki: Our Technical Platform

TekniWiki provides interactive learning modules, diagnostic information as well as technical videos. This in order to to solve product-specific issues concerning all NGK and NTK products. After you have successfully completed the learning modules, you will receive a certificate. Access to TekniWiki is free and requires no registration.

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Technical Know-how

Increase your technical know-how through e-learning. Print out a corresponding personalised certificate after having successfully completed the modules. Contents include basic knowledge for beginners and in-depth information for future experts.

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Technical Articles

Improve your expert knowledge by regularly reading our articles on current technical issues, revealing helpful tips and tricks. Our articles are ideally suited for experts who are looking to broaden and deepen their knowledge. This is why all articles in the “Tips and Tricks” section are aiming at garages. They explain complex vehicle systems and diagnostic methods. The Download section provides access to our technical newsletters.

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This video describes how spark plugs can be damaged during installation by using a poor quality spark plug socket wrench. It explains which features a good spark plug socket wrench should have.

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