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Slashes TekniWiki: Our Technical Platform

TekniWiki provides interactive learning modules, diagnostic information as well as technical videos and information to solve product-specific technical issues concerning all NGK and NTK products. After successful completion of the learning modules, participants receive a certificate. Access to TekniWiki is free and requires no registration.

Slashes Technical Know-how

Increase your technical know-how through e-learning. A corresponding personalised certificate can be individually printed out upon successful completion. Contents include basic technical knowledge for beginners and in-depth information for future experts.

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Slashes Technical Articles

Improve your expert knowledge by regularly reading our articles on current technical issues, revealing helpful tips and tricks. Our articles are ideally suited for experts who are looking to broaden and deepen their knowledge. All articles in the “Tips and Tricks” section are intended especially for garages, explaining complex vehicle systems and diagnostic methods. The Download section provides access to our technical newsletters.

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This video describes how spark plugs can be damaged during installation by using a poor quality spark plug socket wrench. It explains which features a good spark plug socket wrench should have.

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Tips and tricks on avoiding the most common ignition problems

NGK SPARK PLUG the world’s leading ignition and sensor specialist, provides customers with a statutory warranty for all its products, including its world-renowned spark plugs and glow plugs. Diagnostic testing is carried out on all returned parts to identify the reason of the failure, be it manufacturing errors or external factors. However, due to the company’s commitment to quality and excellence, close to zero warranty claims are found to have been caused by manufacturing errors, particularly for its spark and glow plugs. For both types of plugs, almost all warranty claims are a result of various external factors such as incorrect installation, carbon fouling or inefficient engine conditions. Although this is very good news for the company, it does not provide much comfort to the valued customer who may be saddled with potentially high repair costs. The ignition specialist explains how to avoid the most common ignition pitfalls.

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Your car, your story – Part 1 The Audi 90: A rare modern classic

Given its status as the world’s leading ignition and vehicle electronics company, it will come as no surprise to hear that NGK SPARK PLUG employs many people who are passionate about classic cars. Join us on our trip behind the scenes at the company’s regional headquarters based in Ratingen, in the first of our new blog series exploring the individual stories behind these cars.