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Niterra’s Aftermarket scores highly in annual EMEA Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Niterra, the world’s leading ignition and vehicle electronics specialist, has once again scored highly in its EMEA Aftermarket Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2023.

The survey, which is carried out bi-annually for the company by the independent research partner SKOPOS, gave Niterra an overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 64. This result far outperforms SKOPOS’s benchmark value for B2B customer satisfaction surveys, which is 41. The NPS grading is based on the likelihood of the respondent endorsing a company, product or service to a friend or colleague.

Between April and May 2023, the survey was conducted in 90 countries and questioned 807 direct customers. The survey was conducted in 11 languages, with the overall results made available in English. The target is to detect the areas where the company has the highest potential for improvement. This year’s survey achieved a response rate of 37%, the highest level since it began in 2016. 

Niterra scored well with its products, clearly reflecting the company’s mission to maintain its position as a market leader in its field with its state-of-the-art ignition and electronics technology.

“These results are once again a strong evidence of the importance that Niterra places on customer satisfaction, and in particular, they reflect our ability to meet the varied needs of Aftermarket consumers with our market-leading products” said Frank Massia, Director Marketing Aftermarket EMEA at Niterra EMEA GmbH.

In addition, respondents gave the company a score of 8.9 in the EMEA region for willingness to recommend, with technical support and sales support scoring 8.7 and 8.9 respectively. Overall satisfaction with the product reached 9.3 out of a possible 10 points.

Information graphic about Niterra's Net Promoter Score

Once again, the results of this survey demonstrate Niterra’s continued goal of offering unparalleled customer service to match its premium product range. The satisfaction of OE and Aftermarket customers has always been a key priority at the company and these scores are proof that it is hitting one of its core business targets.



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