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Niterra relocates its EMEA Regional Headquarters to ‘The Square’ in Ratingen

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Global technical ceramics and automotive components supplier Niterra is pleased to announce its EMEA Regional Headquarters (RHQ) has relocated to a new site, ‘The Square’, within Ratingen, Germany. The new office introduces a modern working concept that has at its core a more open, sharing and interactive approach. This is reflected in the design of the workspaces that allow a flexible hybrid way of working, with employees booking office days to enjoy a collaborative experience with other colleagues.

The premises were officially opened on 27 May 2024 during a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by representatives of the local government and media, as well as guests, partners and members of the company board. 

“The move into our new EMEA Regional Headquarters is a crucial part of the next exciting chapter in Niterra’s transformation. As a key element in our corporate development, it will not only contribute to consolidating our goals with regard to sustainability and the move into new business areas, but it will also foster teamwork and creativity by providing the ideal working environment for our employees”, said Damien Germès, President & CEO of Niterra EMEA GmbH, Regional President EMEA and Corporate Officer of the Global Headquarters in Japan.

CEO of Niterra EMEA GmbH Mr. Germés and the major of Ratingen cutting the ribbon to open the new Niterra office in Ratingen, Germany

The state-of-the-art offices embody a concept that is designed to reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability that underpins Niterra’s corporate vision of restructuring as it migrates to more environmentally friendly interests beyond traditional combustion-engine components. Crucially too, the new EMEA Regional Headquarters pays particular attention to the needs and welfare of employees through the requirements of modern office culture. 

One of the many effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the change in working patterns. Home office is now a part of many people’s lives and the new EMEA RHQ reflects this shift. This is achieved through the provision of hybrid working practices and an environment that promotes togetherness in the office through welcoming workspaces that encourage socialising, teamwork, creativity, and general collaboration between employees.

Niterra occupies one and a half floors of ‘The Square’ at Balcke-Dürr-Allee 6, which is situated in the newly redeveloped ‘Schwarzbach Quartier’, just five kilometres from the previous location. The company was originally established as NGK Spark Plug (Germany) in 1979 before moving to its current location in Harkortstraße 41, in Ratingen. In 2023, the company was renamed Niterra as part of a restructuring to focus on its core competence in technical ceramics and expand its business pursuits beyond combustion-engine components to incorporate business opportunities in the areas of Mobility, Medical, Environment & Energy and Communications.



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