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NTK Vehicle Electronics adds 35 new wideband oxygen sensors to its range

Three NTK packages with the new oxygen sensors in front
Ignition and vehicle electronics specialist Niterra is delighted to announce the addition of 35 new cutting-edge oxygen sensors to its NTK Vehicle Electronics brand. The latest inclusions to the company’s O2 sensor portfolio are linear and belong to the so-called wideband sensors.

The new oxygen sensors are a crucial element in reducing the harmful pollutants in many engines. Regulating and diagnostic sensors work by constantly measuring oxygen in the exhaust gases and then relaying this information to the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU), which in turn calculates the air-fuel ratio and ensures the catalytic converter’s best performance rate. Their importance is ever more relevant in the face of increasingly strict emissions rules.

The 35 new sensors are already in stock and ready for sale. They will be fitted to models from major automakers around the globe, including Toyota, Nissan, Renault, and Volvo and will be available for a cross section of vehicles including the popular Qashqai and RAV 4 crossovers from Nissan and Toyota, the larger XC60 SUV from Volvo and the bigger Land Cruiser off roader from Toyota. They are suitable for vehicles with petrol, diesel and hybrid powertrains.

The new references cover a car parc of approximately 15 million vehicles in EMEA and will give the NTK Vehicle Electronics brand an increased market coverage of more than 2%. 

The 35 new sensors correspond to 267 OE references and are suitable for 162 vehicle models. With this expansion, NTK Vehicle Electronics offers one of the largest coverages in the IAM.

Frank Massia, Director Marketing Aftermarket EMEA at Niterra EMEA GmbH, comments: “The addition of these 35 new oxygen sensors to our already extensive range is further proof that we are continually striving to ensure that Aftermarket sales partners have a comprehensive and up-to-date selection of this key automotive part. Through this sensor’s exemplary quality, affordable cost, and high car parc coverage, we are confident it will provide them with ever stronger sales opportunities.”

Niterra is continually optimising its oxygen sensors to deliver the highest level of performance for customers and to ensure that engines are cleaner and more efficient in their fuel consumption. The new parts are testimony to the company’s reputation for outstanding commitment to quality, technology and research & development.

Niterra’s ongoing dedication to expanding its lineup of cutting-edge Aftermarket sensors means it can offer customers even broader service opportunities as it grows its already commanding car parc coverage worldwide. 

The new OE and Applications Data for these new entries has been visible in TecDoc since Thursday, 07 December 2023.



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