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Niterra prides itself on providing cutting-edge products, first-class expertise and technical know-how related to spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils and leads, oxygen, temperature, NOx and MAP/MAF sensors and exhaust gas recirculation valves. Our technical support is an integral part of the many services we provide.

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This video describes how spark plugs canbe damaged during installation by using a poor quality spark plug socket wrench. It explains which features a good spark plug socket wrench should have.

Spark Plugs counterfeit Melted Electrodes on fake spark plugs

Fake or not?

Have you ever bought a product from a well-known brand and realised afterwards that it’s a counterfeit? Unfortunately, as with many premium products, this could even happen with parts from NGK & NTK In fact, the company’s Technical Service centre recently became aware of fake CR9EIX spark plugs that caused engine damage due to melted centre electrodes. This is why Niterra would like to put its customers on alert and has put together a 5-step-guide on how to distinguish between original and fake products.