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Reliable Start-up for Diesel Engines

NGK glow plugs must perform well even under the worst of conditions. Diesel car drivers and automobile manufacturers value and appreciate Niterra’s expertise around the world.

Many years of glow plug experience

> 300 part numbers available for European markets

87% coverage of vehicles in operation in Europe (source: TecDoc)

84 D-Power* part numbers for faster stock rotation
*available in some markets only

NGK Glow Plug Technologies

NGK glow plugs are setting new standards in glow plug technology.

Under a certain temperature, the engine will not start without well-performing glow plugs. Therefore, glow plugs are mandatory to ensure a perfect engine start, especially in cold conditions. This is why Niterra is constantly expanding its expertise.

There are two glow plug types: metal rod glow plugs and ceramic glow plugs. The two technologies have special characteristics in regard to thermal behavior.

Many car manufacturers are not prepared to compromise on the quality and performance of their diesel glow plugs. This is why they choose the proven NGK technology.

  • Safe start-up from low ambient temperatures 

  • Low emissions during warm-up phase

  • Stable idling running before engine reaches operating temperature

  • High-quality coating on shell for high resistance to corrosion

  • Unique shell design for excellent heat transfer

  • Perfect gas-tight sealing

  • High shear torque

  • High resistance to deformation and security of the heating coils

Glow Plug Requirements

Glow plugs need to perform well under extremely harsh conditions.
The self-ignition process must be reached even when cold or frost starting. This is why additonal heat must be introduced to the combustion chamber. NGK glow plugs master this process of pre-glowing perfectly. In that sense, the glow plug functions like an immersion heater. It is introducing electrical energy and heating it up to extremely high temperatures of up to 1350°C.

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Types of Glow Plugs

Metal Rod Glow Plugs
Ceramic High-temperature Glow Plugs

Glow Plug tips and tricks


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