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NTK Vehicle Electronics to become a distinct brand in TecDoc

Niterra, the world’s leading ignition and vehicle electronics specialist, is pleased to announce the introduction of the brand NTK as a distinct brand in TecDoc. The move will see the uncoupling of products offered by the company’s NGK Ignition Parts and NTK Vehicle Electronics brands in TecDoc and the implementation of two separate TecDoc brand keys. Both brands have previously been listed under the brand NGK with the brand key 15. While NGK will continue with brand key 15, the NTK brand will be found under brand key 5414.

As well as having a different product range to NGK Ignition Parts, the introduction of a new, separate brand for NTK Vehicle Electronics in TecDoc was a logical next step due to its expanding product line. At the NTK (5414) section in TecDoc, customers can find oxygen sensors, MAP/MAF sensors, EGR valves, engine speed & position sensors, as well as exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS). Furthermore, additional products are set to be added in the near future.

Products from the company’s ignition category will continue to be visible to customers under the existing brand NGK (15) in TecDoc. This includes spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils, leads and caps. In order to make the transition from NTK products as smooth as possible for customers, the brand separation will not be carried out abruptly. Considering many customers use their own catalogue systems – which follow the update in TecDoc – the company has decided to continue to also publish NTK Vehicle Electronics product information in brand NGK (15) for a limited period of time. This dual display, however, will cease at the end of June 2023.

“Our NTK Vehicle Electronics range provides our customers with a comprehensive offer that covers all their engine sensor needs, which is why it deserves its own independent section on TecDoc,” says Frank Massia, Director Marketing Aftermarket EMEA at Niterra EMEA GmbH. “With our company’s future path centred on sustainability, our vehicle electronics technology is set to play an increased part, considering the vital role sensors play in lowering vehicle emissions.”

Niterra customers are encouraged to be aware that due to this company brand separation in TecDoc, both brand NGK (15) and brand NTK (5414) must also be selected or prioritised in the customer-specific catalogue management systems (e.g. LKQ, WM, Select AG, CARAT etc.) in order to ensure the visibility of both NGK Ignition Parts and NTK Vehicle Electronics brands. In addition, TecAlliance customers who have previously only purchased NGK Ignition Parts data for their e-commerce portals must now additionally also buy data for the NTK Vehicle Electronics brand.

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