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Niterra launches MediaBox, its state-of-the-art Digital Asset Management System

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Ignition and vehicle electronics specialist Niterra has launched MediaBox, a new cutting-edge online Digital Asset Management System (DAMS), which will replace its current Brandzone portal. Based on the platform of the supplier AdmiralCloud, MediaBox is a state-of-the-art service that offers an extensive and wide-ranging repository of key company information for internal and external access, covering digital assets such as images and logos.

The system also offers easy rights management and an intuitive and user-friendly interface, combined with a flexible and fast search function. MediaBox is hosted directly on Niterra’s website, making it quick to locate and access for employees and external customers alike. 
In contrast to Niterra’s previous DAMS, called Brandzone, which was mainly a platform for internal use, the new service is not only easier to navigate, but it is designed to develop with use, and in doing so, widen the selection of materials available to users over time. This is in response to an increase in requests from customers for additional resources such as product images, logos, company presentations, catalogues and brochures. In this way, MediaBox can be enlarged over the long term to incorporate more features that will prove particularly invaluable to marketing colleagues from other EMEA subsidiaries as they access the backend.

An important feature of MediaBox is its ability to broaden the pool of users who can now acquire key company materials. Employees, partner agencies and customers within the EMEA region, have easy access to the range of assets, which can now be shared via a link, in much the same way as external sharing platforms such as Google Shared Drive and Microsoft Teams. The DAMS offers print and visual materials relating to sub-topics from Brand Identity and Customer Experiences, through to Product Information and Images, as well as Presentations. 

MediaBox is a significant tool for strengthening internal and external communications and offers a more cost-effective solution for all users in a package that not only includes vast resources and features, with a clear filter and simple metadata handling, but importantly too, allows Niterra to reach a broad audience with its digital assets.


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