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The engine’s power plant

Handling high voltage is the task an ignition coil must perform reliably. Weak ignition coils cause engine misfiring and performance problems. As one of the world’s leading ignition specialists, NGK offers an extensive range of ignition coils accurately engineered for a precise fit and perfect durability.

80 years of experience in ignition technologies

Close to 400 part numbers available for all car generations

92% coverage of vehicles in operation in Europe (source: TecDoc)

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Ignition Coil Technologies

The continuous development of an ignition system has advanced over the years – and with it, the ignition coils used by car manufacturers. In general, ignition coil technology can be split into two fundamental operating principles: ‘single spark technology’ and ‘dual spark technology’. With single spark technology, there is an individual coil for each spark plug supplied. With dual spark technology, two cylinders are always actuated simultaneously by one coil.

  • NGK ignition coils use the technology required by the car manufacturers
  • The vacuum molding process is used to ensure a blister-free encapsulation
  • Each ignition coil is produced in strict compliance with OE specifications

Ignition Coil Requirements

Due to the high demands placed on ignition coils, the design and the materials used must be resistant to heat and moisture in the engine bay and function reliably. Oil and petrol vapors mustn’t be able to harm the housing, as damage to the housing would impair the function.

Types of Ignition Coils

Distributor ignition coils
Block ignition coils
Pencil coils
Ignition coil systems (“rails”)

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