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Our Philosophy

Sincerely, to do our very best

Shisei means being sincere at the highest level, and Shinjitsu means being serious and honest without false intentions.

Believe in one’s own ability, and take actions by oneself

Dokuritsu-Jiei means not relying on others easily and engaging in our work believing in our ability.

Unite efforts with the people of the world, and utilise each other’s differences

Shikai-Keitei means to cooperate with the people of the world (Shikai) like brothers and sisters.


Have cherished desire, and carry it through till the end

Soshi-Kantetsu means to have the resolution and sense of mission that we can never compromise, and to carry through till the very end.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is based on three fundamental elements that ensure corporate and personal success on all levels.


We are committed to premium quality, sustainability from business to technology to environment, and social responsibility.

Management Policy

We encourage all employees to make full use of their individual skills and are highly dedicated to a management policy that is based on trust and confidence.

Guiding Principle

In everything we do, we take a positive approach to choose the best and quickest way of finding the right answers to tomorrow's challenges.

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