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Wide coverage for ATVs and SSVs

For work or play, the popularity of ATVs and SSVs has seen considerable growth over recent years. NGK's ignition expertise for 2 and 4 stroke engines has not surprsisingly placed them in the forefront of this important sector too. The use of these vehicles over often rugged and inhospitable terrain places even greater reliance on reliability and durability, a challenge that NGK is well positioned to meet.

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To ensure optimum performance and long durability, Niterra works closely with the vehicle manufacturers. The result is unique innovations that serve as the starting point for thrilling adventures on every terrain.

Benefits of our products

  • Highest quality Aftermarket parts
  • Smooth running
  • Long durability


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Regular Maintenance For Long Durability

To make sure the outdoor adventures last, Niterra specialists recommend that drivers have their quad, SSV, and ATV spark plugs checked and replaced regularly. It’s important to remember that though they are a comparably small component, spark plugs play a crucial part in overall engine performance, so regular checks and replacements are the key.

Significantly increase your engine’s performance and get the most out of your driving experience by upgrading to NGK’s Iridium IX technology. Visit our Part Finder for upgrades.

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The ultimate testing ground for NGK and NTK products

"Every time I take my vehicle for a spin, I’m faced with extremely challenging conditions – sand, dust, mud, rough terrain. To know my engine is up to the job gives me confidence and lets me focus on the thrills of riding!"

 Andreas Rosenlöcher,