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30 fascinating facts about NGK SPARK PLUG

Sometimes numbers speak for themselves. Did you know for instance that NGK SPARK PLUG has a production capacity of 1 billion spark plugs per year? That’s a one with nine zeros! Or that a predecessor of today’s company was founded as early as 100 years ago? Read on to learn more fascinating facts about the global ignition and sensor specialist.

NGK SPARK PLUG globally:

 moneybag with a Euro sign NGK SPARK PLUG created 3,500,000,000 EUR of revenue in fiscal year 2018/2019…

pictogramme of a passenger vehicle in a black circle  …of which 84% was generated by sales from the Automotive Components business unit.

pictogramme of a group of people in a black circle  This result has been achieved by around 16,000 employees globally…

pictogramme of three connected houses in a black circle  ….working across 41 group companies.

pictogramme of a 1st place medal in a black circle  NGK SPARK PLUG is the world's no.1 supplier of spark plugs to both automotive OE manufacturers and the Aftermarket.

pictogramme of half a snow crystal and half the sun in a black circle  NGK SPARK PLUG tests its products under extreme conditions (including temperatures from -30°C up to 30°C) in 4 Technical Centres around the world…

pictogramme of a globe with tiny houses in it in a black circle  …and serves customers from sales offices in 21 countries worldwide.

  The company’s exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS) can measure temperatures from   -40 to +900 degrees Celsius, which add up to a temperature range
            of 940 °C.

  NGK SPARK PLUG has 29 global production sites…

  …which have an annual capacity of around 1,000,000,000 spark plugs…

  …sold to over 160 countries.

pictogramme of a light bulb in a black circle  100 years ago, in 1919, businessman Magoemon Ezoe had resolved to “manufacture spark plugs using ceramics, a speciality of our country Japan”, and
            NGK INSULATORS was born.

pictogramme of a spark plug and the year 1934 in a black circle  The first NGK spark plug was sold in 1934.

  As early as 1949, 70 years ago, NGK SPARK PLUG was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

pictogramme of connected rings in a black circle  3 Venture Labs around the world (Tokyo, Silicon Valley near San Jose and Paris) have been opened since 2018. They act as a hub for creative thinking and
            already have an impressive track record of building new partnerships in emerging markets.


  In 1970, the first European (liaison) office opened in Düsseldorf, with Masataka Kuroda as Managing Director.

NGK SPARK PLUG 40th Anniversary logo  Exactly 40 Years ago, in 1979, the first German subsidiary was inaugurated in Ratingen. It was time to conquer the German market.

  NGK SPARK PLUG today employs more than 1,000 colleagues throughout the EMEA region.

  More than 90 languages are spoken by employees of NGK SPARK PLUG within this region.

pictogramme of a hand truck in a black circle  The European Regional Distribution Centre in Duisburg, Germany offers almost 21,000 m² of shelf space.

pictogramme of three tiny men in a black circle  More than 100 employees work at the European Regional Distribution Centre. Automated processes and powerful systems enable same-day packing and

pictogramme of a spark plug and an oxygen sensor in a black circle  Over 1,000,000 parts are supplied daily by the warehouse (and even higher volumes can be accommodated within its existing footprint).

  44 European countries are supplied by the Regional Distribution Centre (OE and Aftermarket customers).

  More than 1,500 spark plug part numbers are available for the European market...

  …which are suitable for almost 50,000 vehicle applications across Europe.

pictogramme of the European map and a car in a black circle  93% of all vehicles operating in Europe are covered by NGK spark plug references (source: TecDoc).

pictogramme of a glow plug in a black circle  …whilst its glow plugs cover 86% of all diesel vehicles operating in Europe (source: TecDoc).

  Not forgetting about the NTK sensor business! 6 universal sensors, for instance, cover around 58,000,000 cars in Europe.

pictogramme of an engine speed and position sensor with a no. 1 medal in a black circle  567 part numbers are covered by NTK engine speed and position sensors, making the company the no. 1 premium brand in terms of market coverage.

  The company’s Technical Centre at Ratingen, Germany tests around 150 prototype engines each year.

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