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slashes Δελτίο Τύπου, 10/10/2018

World-leading ignition and sensor manufacturer NGK SPARK PLUG has announced 20, essential new spark and glow plugs that include several first-to-market references and cover an impressive car parc of 4.4 million extra vehicles (2018). With that additional parc coverage expected to grow by at least 50 per cent within three years, the range extensions open up significant sales opportunities for Aftermarket distributors, wholesalers and workshops.

Together the 15 new spark plugs and five glow plugs, which are available immediately across 30 European countries, cover more than 180 popular 4-wheel applications across 19 major car makes. Amongst the additions are nine, pioneering references that NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE is the first to introduce to the automotive Aftermarket. Almost all of the new references are already supplied by NGK SPARK PLUG as original equipment (OE), meaning that Aftermarket customers can now benefit from even more of the company’s advanced, OE ignition technologies.

The 15 just-launched spark plug references are designed to fit more than 70 of Europe’s most popular petrol applications, and include two part numbers specifically for heavy duty vehicles. With every item supplied by NGK SPARK PLUG as original equipment, the plugs deliver outstanding quality and ignition performance. All of the references are precious metal types offering exceptional efficiency and wear resistance, including 13 Laser Iridium and two Laser Platinum product line introductions. Amongst the new references, SILKR6C10E meets the needs of a large car parc of key Hyundai/Kia CVVT applications, and ILZNAR8A7G covers the famous 1.5l EcoBoost engine that is fitted to many of the most popular Ford applications.

The five new glow plugs launched by NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE fit 109, fast growing diesel engine applications from six major vehicle manufacturers. Comprising three references offered within the company’s Yellow Box product line, and two plugs within its D-Power range, every part delivers market-leading NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE quality. Three of the glow plugs are also NGK SPARK PLUG original equipment, ensuring optimum reliability and performance.  Four of the new introductions are metal type, whilst reference CZ552 is a ceramic plug, providing even better and quicker ignition performance. In addition, reference Y1045AS covers an extensive parc of Ford Light Vehicle (LCV) applications.

Significantly, both plug extensions represent a large and rapidly expanding sales opportunity for parts distributors and workshops. Within the 4.4 million extra vehicles in Europe that are immediately covered by the company’s new spark and glow plug references in 2018, nearly one million are petrol cars and 3.4 million are diesel.  Within three years, both of these figures will have grown significantly as more of these popular applications reach the Aftermarket. By 2021, 1.6 million petrol vehicles will be covered by the new spark plug references (a 75 per cent increase on 2018) and 5.2 million diesel vehicles will be covered by the glow plug introductions (a 50 per cent increase on 2018)*. 

David Loy, recently announced Vice President Aftermarket EMEA at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE, confirmed: “These 20 new spark and glow plugs add up to a terrific opportunity for the Aftermarket. Distributors and workshops will be able to get their hands on outstanding quality replacement plugs for key references that have never been available in the Aftermarket before. We have also prioritised parts that meet the most essential, fast expanding applications – in fact covering an extra 6.8 million cars in Europe by 2021. Adding just these few new plugs to your product portfolio could open up a huge amount of extra business.”

All of the new spark plug and glow plug references are listed on the TecDoc electronic catalogue, as well as in the company’s 2018-19 SPARK AND GLOW PLUG catalogue, which is available in 13 languages in both printed and PDF format. Technical videos on the company’s ignition technologies are available at its TekniWiki online training resource, and technical training for workshop customers can also be requested.

*  Source: Headline car parc 2016 and forecast 2017 – 2021; European car parc (30 countries)

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