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slashes Δελτίο Τύπου, 08/10/2018

Four, fully updated catalogues from the world’s number one ignition and vehicle electronics specialist are putting thousands of new 4-wheel applications at the fingertips of distributors and workshops, across seven key product lines.

NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE just launched four new catalogues: A revised  Spark & Glow Plug catalogue, an updated version  for Ignition Coils & Leads, as well as a catalogue for Oxygen & Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS), and last but not least a catalogue for MAF/MAP Sensors. All of these four updates are available immediately for the 2018-2019 business year, in perfect time for the peak winter servicing season. Each publication presents the company’s latest, OE-quality parts ranges in a refreshed format. Updates include helpful new chapter separations and pictograms, new installed register mapping for easier category finding, updated cross-reference overviews and revised replacement lists. The enhancements mean that products can be found faster for almost every 4-wheel application on the road.

Two of the catalogues are launched under the NGK Ignition Parts brand. Providing the definitive guide to the 1,681 references and 12,000 applications offered across two of the company’s flagship product lines, the NGK Spark Plug & Glow Plug catalogue includes details of 20, just-launched plugs for nearly 200 essential new petrol and diesel applications – representing a rapidly growing car parc of more than 4.4 million extra vehicles. Amongst these additions are nine, pioneering references that NGK SPARK PLUG is the first to introduce to the automotive Aftermarket. Overviews of the brand’s high performance Iridium IX and Racing part ranges have also been fully updated. The outstanding quality of the two product lines make them vital for every distributor and workshop; delivering 93 per cent coverage of vehicles in Europe for spark plugs and 86 per cent coverage for glow plugs*. In the new, easy-reference NGK Ignition Coils & Leads catalogue customers will find listings of more than 1,000 popular additional applications, as well as full details of each precisely engineered product line. Overall the company offers almost 400, high performance ignition coil part numbers covering 8,000 applications and 92 per cent of vehicles in Europe. Its extensive selection of almost 1,000 ignition lead references covers 5,000 applications and also provides more than 92 per cent parc coverage*.

NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE’s two additional new catalogues are both published under its ‘one-stop shop’ sensors brand, NTK Vehicle Electronics. Containing a total of 1,000 part references, the NTK Oxygen & Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS) catalogue features 20, recently launched wideband oxygen sensors that cover more than 4,500 applications; equivalent to 50 million cars on Europe’s roads*. Added to other new introductions the catalogue details more than 17,000 oxygen sensor applications altogether. Also in the publication are full listings of the brand’s EGTS product line, whose 38 part numbers cover 1,600 key vehicle applications and now have harmonised cable lengths for easier stock-keeping. The revised NTK MAF / MAP catalogue ensures easy access to every part and application offered by its optimum performance Mass Air Flow (MAF) & Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors product lines. Their combined 360 part references offer 8,300 MAF and 13,000 MAP applications – many of them new this year.

David Loy, Vice President Aftermarket EMEA at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE confirmed: “Every distributor and workshop will find these four new catalogues essential for their 4-wheel reference library. As well as featuring all our latest NGK and NTK introductions, every chapter, page and listing has been meticulously updated so that customers always have the right facts at their fingertips, fast.”

All four catalogues, which are published in 13 languages, are in stock and available now. They can also be downloaded in PDF format from the new NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE website,

* Source: TecDoc.

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