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NTK oxygen sensor standardisation
NGK SPARK PLUG, liderul mondial în domeniul aprinderii și al senzorilor, anunță standardizarea gamei de senzori de oxigen NTK Vehicle Electronics pentru 4 roți, la 24 de ani după ce a lansat primul senzor de acest tip. Consolidarea oferă avantaje în ceea ce privește gestionarea stocurilor și eficiența, prin reducerea atât a stocului de stocuri, cât și a numărului de unități de stocare (SKU). În plus, datorită includerii referințelor din SUA și Japonia, se îmbunătățește acoperirea parcului auto din EMEA și competitivitatea încrucișată.

NGK SPARK PLUG is the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of OE oxygen sensors, with every major car maker trusting in the company’s sensor brand. Oxygen sensors ensure the optimal conversion rate of a catalytic converter, to reduce harmful emissions produced by an automotive combustion engine. With 37% of the market share, NTK’s oxygen sensors are preferred Original Equipment for both petrol and diesel cars as they face ever-stricter emissions regulations. The sensors produced for OE manufacturers have to meet the given technical requirements and feature a cable length that is designed to perfectly fit each given engine. This OE expertise has always been the basis for the high quality of the company’s Aftermarket products.

The move sees the consolidation of 626 zirconia sensors (also called binary sensors) – from a total of 927 Aftermarket references – into only 260 articles. Manufactured using the same standards as their OE equivalents, they match OE in terms of quality and performance. The range standardisation will be completed in six different batches, starting in January 2021.

In order to achieve this reduction, the company analysed all of its 4-wheel oxygen sensor range to identify the references which could be consolidated together. With a particular focus on different sensing elements, heater resistances and connectors, the project involved gathering all of the articles where the only technical difference was the cable length. Each new harmonised reference maintains the longest cable length which can easily be shortened during installation with a cable tie. All sensors that feature an identical sensor type, element, heater value and connector will now have a standard reference number.

The step confirms NGK SPARK PLUG’s dedication to improving its already extensive car parc coverage and service possibilities. Xavier Pesca, Director Global PIMs & Head of Category Management EMEA Aftermarket at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE comments: “Our company is the leading global OE supplier of 4-wheel oxygen sensors. This expertise is channelled into our Aftermarket products. The standardisation of a significant majority of our oxygen sensors brings important benefits to our Aftermarket range in terms of stock handling and efficiency.”

To ensure a smooth transition, a new ‘green box’ packaging for the new oxygen sensor range will be launched. This will include four cable ties and one technical installation sheet. In addition, a technical installation video will be made available on the company’s EMEA YouTube channel. The new standardised oxygen sensors, moreover, are already listed in TecDoc, while a digital catalogue is being made available to customers.

The continually expanding NTK Vehicle Electronics brand offers the Aftermarket a one-stop shop for quality replacement sensors and is the market leader in diagnostic and regulating sensors. Apart from oxygen sensors, NTK’s product portfolio includes MAP (manifold absolute pressure)/MAF (mass air flow) sensors, exhaust gas temperature and NOx sensors and engine speed and position sensors.


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