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NGK ignition leads are a key element in the ignition system of many petrol engines. They connect the ignition coil to the spark plug. Niterra offers ignitions leads and caps that perfectly complement its wide range of spark plugs and ignition coils.

More than 1,140 ignition leads available

82% coverage of vehicles in operation in Europe and EMEA

High-protection insulation against chemical and electrical environments

Withstand highly demanding conditions

NGK Ignition Leads & Caps Technologies

There are three different types of ignition leads. These types differ based on the materials used for the conductor and the type of resistor required for interference suppression. It is important to choose the correct technology for the specific engine. Only this will lead to good performance of the ignition system. Our part finder helps to find the correct technology. NGK ignition leads' technology meets the OE standards of car manufacturers. The Niterra product range for ignition leads includes:

  • Copper core ignition leads with interference suppression resistor (in the connectors)
  • Carbon resistor ignition leads
  • Ignition leads with inductive resistor

Niterra caps are equipped with a resistor element made of high-quality ceramic materials. This ensures a constant resistance value with only slight deviation during overload conditions. The casing consists of a robust phenolic resin with extremely good resistance to heat and tensile stress. Special rubber bushings on both ends prevent electrical losses from moisture.

Requirements on Ignition Leads & Caps

There are three requirements that top-notch NGK ignition leads need to fulfill: Firstly, outstanding insulating characteristics, secondly a high level of resistance (up to 200°C) and finally, resistance to vibrations and fluctuations in temperature and humidity. If the ignition leads meet these requirements they can offer permanent reliability under extreme conditions - even over an extended period of time.

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Types of Ignition Leads

Copper Core Ignition Leads with Interference Suppression
Carbon Resistor Ignition Leads
Ignition Leads with inductive Resistor



This video explains how to correctly assign the ignition leads on 4 cylinder block coils.

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