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SlashesInnovative Solutions for 2-Wheelers

With close to 100% coverage of motorbikes and scooters, NGK SPARK PLUG has close ties with this industry. To deliver innovative solutions, we identify developing trends and turn them into high-performing products, such as motorcycle iridium spark plugs, ensuring superior resistance, engine efficiency and extended service life.

SlashesOriginal Equipment Know-how

As the world’s leading specialist in spark plug and oxygen sensor technology, NGK SPARK PLUG enjoys a high reputation among international motorcycle manufacturers.  Working closely with their engine manufacturers, we provide top-notch products for OE fitment.


What sets us apart

  • No. 1 choice by manufacturers for OE fitment
  • OE engineering know-how for Independent Aftermarket
  • Innovative developments to meet future requirements
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Trusted and preferred by both the top racing championships and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide, NGK SPARK PLUG has been delivering premium-class products to the two-wheel industry for several decades.

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Technical Partnerships in all Major Racing Series

"Through all my years of racing, I’ve strived to be the best and continuously search for the best performance products in order to win World Championships. I wouldn’t have 4 World titles without my NGK spark plugs and that’s a fact! Thank you NGK SPARK PLUG for many years of support and the best spark plug on the market."

Greg Hancock

4x World Speedway Champion

It’s cold in the stadium. The air smells of methanol. Fans wearing studded baseball caps, scarfs and gloves have taken their seats in the stand, nervously awaiting the start of the race. On the oval-shaped track, four riders take their starting positions. Finally, the roar of 500cc motorcycle engines revving up announces that the wait is over. It’s the start of the FIM Ice Speedway World Championship, consisting of several 60-second races on ice, with speeds of up to 130 km/h. What’s missing? Brakes. What’s different? Each tyre is studded with hundreds of spikes. Ice Speedway, to be sure, is not a sport for the faint-hearted.



June 2017

This video explains why motorbikes and other machines often do not start after being stored for a longer time. It provides tips how to avoid this problem.