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Niterra to launch twenty-nine new ignition coils in major markets

Six NGK ignition coil yellow boxes, in front of them different ignition coil types are placed
Niterra, the world’s leading ignition and vehicle electronics specialist, has bolstered its Aftermarket offering with 29 new state-of-the-art ignition coils for global automakers that include Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota, and Opel. The high-quality products will help the company extend customer coverage in South Korea, Japan, and in the EMEA region and are forecast to encompass a car parc of nearly 22 million vehicles by 2025, a rise of 19.9% percent in two years.

The parts include 27 pencil coils which begin with the reference U5. These are single spark units that attach directly to the spark plug and operate with one coil per cylinder. Given their position, the coils generate high-voltage pulses directly on the spark plug, allowing it to efficiently ignite the fuel and run the engine. As a result of its positioning, the coil’s advantages include a reduced possibility of voltage loss, as well as a smaller footprint in the often crowded engine bays.

Through their design and construction, Niterra ignition coils are heat and moisture resistant. They match the company’s unrivalled standards, by guaranteeing reliable ignition, the highest level of electromagnetic tolerance and good longevity.

“With our new range of ignition coils, we are further strengthening our Aftermarket business. These high-quality parts will help us extend our customer coverage in South Korea, Japan, and in the EMEA region and increase Aftermarket offerings for even more of the world’s most popular vehicles,” said Frank Massia, Director Marketing Aftermarket EMEA, Niterra EMEA GmbH.

Applications of just three of the new ignition coils, the references U5340, U5512 and U5478, account on their own for a broad range of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. These include the popular A-, B- and C- Class models, SUVs and sportscars such as the G-Class, GLA, GLK, GLB, GLC, ML, SL and SLK roadsters. Indeed, reference U5340 covers more than 1.4M vehicles in operation (VIO) of the company’s 1.9 litre engine that has been produced over the last 10 years within the EMEA region.

The reference U6051, moreover, is a special rail coil for the now discontinued Saab 9-3 and 9-5 models. This item is projected to have a high sales volume in the coming years, despite its decreasing car parc.

For the South Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia, the references U5454 and U5497 are tailored for the popular Kia Ceed, Proceed, Xceed, Picanto, Rio and Stonic cars and the i20, i30, Kavai, and Kona models from sister brand Hyundai. Furthermore, the new range also includes the reference U3040, a block coil unit, which has two high-voltage outputs.

In addition, the new parts will also cater for the Aftermarket needs of many popular vehicles, which all have promising future car parcs. Reference U5495, for example, covers more than 1.1M VIO for Ford EcoBoost engines, while the U5279 coil covers more than 1.25M VIO for Mazda engines. Other manufacturers covered include Opel/Vauxhall, Toyota, Volvo, Honda, as well as the EMEA best-selling brands, Renault and Dacia.

All of the new ignition coils will be listed in TecDoc and Part Finder from 20 May 2023. Find more details at