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NTK Vehicle Electronics extends its portfolio with new EDPS range

different NTK sensors and valves on a workbank
As the world’s leading ignition and vehicle electronics specialist, Niterra (formerly known as NGK SPARK PLUG) announces the launch of its new exhaust gas & differential pressure sensors (EDPS) range. The addition of this line of sensors to the NTK Vehicle Electronics brand completes its portfolio of anti-pollution products.

EDPS play a significant role in engine optimisation. They are required to provide the engine control units (ECU) with the necessary information regarding the exhaust gas pressures and the filling level of the diesel particulate filter (DPF). The NTK Vehicle Electronics EDPS range includes differential pressure sensors (DPS), exhaust pressure sensors (EPS) and high pressure sensors (HPS). It provides comprehensive vehicle coverage. The sensors, moreover, are capable of being installed at a variety of different vehicle positions. 

The DPS gauges the pressure drop between two positions in the flow pattern. It is installed at different locations in the exhaust manifold (before/after the DPF, before/after the catalyst, before/after the turbocharger or before/after the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) cooler). At one point, it regulates the low-pressure gas recirculation. At the other position, it observes the function of the DPF, while also reporting its charge status back to the ECU. 

The EPS measures the pressure and reports this information back to the ECU. It can be mounted at different positions in the exhaust system, for example before the DPF, before the turbocharger or after the turbocharger. 

The HPS measures the back pressure of the exhaust gases. It is installed either before the DPF, before the turbocharger, after the turbocharger or after the EGR cooler. This information is sent to the ECU which uses it to monitor and protect the turbocharger unit. The monitoring of output air pressure prevents back pressure damage to the exhaust manifold. For EGR valves and EGR coolers, the information is also used to adapt and control the exhaust gas recirculation rate – which is important in terms of adhering to the emission standards.

With a 62% car parc coverage (87 million vehicles in total), NTK Vehicle Electronics is now the car parc coverage leader among premium brands for EDPS. This includes 42.3 million vehicles in Central Europe, 36.8 million vehicles in Western Europe and 7.6 million vehicles in the Middle East and East Africa. 

“Our NTK Vehicle Electronics portfolio of high-quality sensor products has now been extended with the addition of our new EDPS range,” says Frank Massia, Director Marketing Aftermarket EMEA, Niterra EMEA GmbH. “This product introduction provides our sales partners and workshop operators further improved sales opportunities due to the EDPS series’ high car parc coverage, quality and various sales services.”

With EDPS becoming more and more present in newer vehicles of all makes, they are expected to experience positive market growth in the coming years. This, in turn, will enable the reduction of vehicle emissions. Furthermore, while the use of EDPS are currently more prevalent in diesel vehicles, their presence in the petrol market is set to experience a stronger growth rate in the coming years. 

The NTK Vehicle Electronics brand provides a premium quality service and a local distribution presence that allows customers to avail of a competitive range. Now on sale, the new EDPS line comes accompanied with technical video support and is published in TecDoc, Catalogue Excel Master and the new Part Finder.

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