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Consolidation of oxygen sensors

NTK Oxygen Sensors -  626 zirconia sensors are combined into 260 articles

For more than 20 years, NGK SPARK PLUG has been offering high-quality lambda sensors in OEM quality under the NTK VEHICLE ELECTRONICS brand. In order to improve the clarity of the range for you, a total of 626 sensors are now gradually being merged into 260 articles. This lambda sensor conversion is based on a standardization of the cable lengths. 

For the Aftermarket it is important to consolidate the sensors to
· Reduce inventory 
· Reduce number of SKU’s
· Improve cross-competitiveness
· Improve car parc coverage

The standardized cable length can be easily shortened during installation. All sensors with identical sensor type, element, heater value and connector will now have a standard reference number. 






Your advantages

After the consolidation, you can achieve greater vehicle coverage with only one type. Therefore your dealer will be able to automatically cover a larger number of vehicle types with the same stocks. Depending on the vehicle model, you can potentially be supplied with spare parts more quickly and process your customer orders more quickly without long waiting times.

Currently we offer 927 references in the Aftermarket:

· 32 titanium sensors (4-wheel)
· 91 wide band sensors (4-wheel) 
· 804 zirconia sensors (2-/4-wheel & marine)



A mounting set is included in every product packaging, which explains exactly how to install the new, standardized lambda sensor - makes installation easier for you.

Watch our installation video by clicking on the picture.




Sensors are sold in a clear polybag, including 4 cable ties to adjust the cable length. The QR Code is on the lable.

Compared to the old, non-standardized types, you can easily recognize the harmonized lambda sensors by the new packaging design. After the conversion is complete, the packaging will also be adapted for the non-standardized items, so that in the end all lambda sensors will only be delivered in the new packaging design.


              OLD PACKAGE DESIGN                       NEW PACKAGE DESIGN


For further information regarding the NTK oxygen sensor consolidation please click on the picture. You will reach our download section. Scroll down a bit wehre you find the flyer for a complete overview of all information.