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Small device, great effect

With emission regulations becoming increasingly stricter, the need for measurement systems capable of measuring exhaust gas emissions under real driving emission conditions is constantly growing. NTK has responded to this rising demand by launching its Compact Emissions Meter (NCEM®).

Portable, compact, and lightweight

Easy operation and short start-up times

Real-time measurements

8 module slots for multiple functions

NCEM® Functions

To measure pollutant emissions not only at testing facilities, but also on the road, vehicles can now be fitted with NCEM®. Real-time measurements are made possible by integrated sensors tracking the main pollutants emitted by operating vehicles. Thanks to a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) and a link to the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnosis (OBD2), the vehicle’s location can be tracked and its data analyzed as it is being driven under various conditions. With the implementation of Real Driving Emissions (RDE) regulations in September 2017, NTK’s portable and easy-to-handle NCEM® offers a comprehensive solution for engine development in compliance with legal requirements.

Main pollutants tracked by NCEM®

  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • O2 (oxygen)
  • PM (particle matter)

An Award-Winning System

Supporting engine and vehicle testing facilities and the emission test under realistic operating conditions, NCEM® is a compact and lightweight multi-gas meter combining the technology and expertise of the leading global sensor supplier. NTK’s newest product development has even garnered the prestigious Automechanika Innovation Award in the category ‘Repair & Diagnostics’, further underlining the NCEM® system’s highly innovative technology and industry relevance. For more information on NTK’s award-winning Compact Emissions Meter (NCEM®)

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