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#ngkroyals: Belgian Artist And NGK SPARK PLUG Join Creative Forces

Some may wonder: What do the automotive industry and fine arts have in common? More than meets the eye! In fact, on closer inspection it becomes apparent that many creative disciplines are needed to manufacture vehicles – design, engineering, assembly, and many others. And when artists draw inspiration from these and other automotive aspects, a new art form is born: automotive art.

Born in Belgium in 1976, Roland Groteclaes has built an excellent reputation for himself as a one-of-a-kind artist. Originally a trained illustrator, the creative genius further developed his skills over the years. Pencils, markers, watercolors, recycled materials: Roland uses whatever material best helps him turn his vision into reality, combining the more classic approach of acrylic painting with modern twists such as markers and spray cans. Similar to a chemist, he is always looking for the ideal mixing ratio to get the results he is looking for. His joy of experimenting and venturing into new territory also shows in the variety of topics he treats in his works of art. From nature to humans and machines, Roland covers a broad spectrum. As if that weren’t enough, he takes his 2-dimensional drawings and paintings and turns them into 3-dimensional masterpieces. Permeating through many of his artworks is a clear fascination for wheels and vehicles in motion. What drives him are his sparks of genius relating to automotive art, where, similar to an engineer, he develops objects with technical sophistication and aesthetic elegance.

When an artist of Roland’s caliber with a preference for automotive art and the world’s leading sensor and ignition specialist join forces, the result can only be thrilling. Partnering with NGK SPARK PLUG, Roland Groteclaes has recently lent his skills to the creation of various pieces of original NGK SPARK PLUG art. On Facebook, NGK SPARK PLUG fans and followers had the chance to win a personalized poster by the artist himself. Commenting with a picture of their ride – be it a bike, car, boat, or anything else that runs with spark plugs –, contestants automatically took part in the raffle. In the end, ten lucky winners were chosen to receive a hand-printed poster with their ride drawn in the middle.

Another Groteclaes masterpiece is currently on a trip around the world, or more precisely through the EMEA region. Made from steel, oak, and NGK SPARK PLUG’s premium spark plug assortment, the self-forged royal set including a crown and a spectre has already become a star in its own right. Found under the official hashtag #ngkroyals, NGK SPARK PLUG employees from around the EMEA region are showing team spirit and demonstrating their personal attachment to the company by proudly wearing the works of art. Currently residing at Automechanika Dubai, the leading international trade show for the automotive aftermarket and service industry in the Middle East, the royal set will continue its journey as part of the #ngkroyals campaign.

For more information and impressions, search #ngkroyals on Facebook. Also, visit Roland Groteclaes at

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