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SlashesThe challenge is on...

Andy Robinson, seven times winner of the British Pro Mod Championship, will have rather a lot on his plate next year. 

First off he’ll be rebuilding his much loved ’69 Camaro after an end of season crash that saw his dragster launch skywards at over 200mph. Fortunately for Andy he walked away unscathed. The car is another matter entirely.

Andy’s lucky escape is also fortunate for us too because just before that event, he’d accepted NGK’s challenge to create a monster which somehow seems particularly appropriate as we announce the launch of Project MO70 on Halloween!

MO70 may have had humble beginnings as a Honda mower, but we’ve got other ideas for this unassuming chap. If all goes to plan, Andy will exercise his not inconsiderable talent to transform humble MO into a fire breathing beast that has it’ sights firmly set on going where few mowers have been before. An attempt to break the 70mph speed barrier (which of course officer will not take place on a public road!). Actually Santa Pod, the home of British drag racing, will be the venue for this attempt in 2019. 

Now there’s talk of all kinds of trickery to get MO over the line at a suitable velocity. Words like Hayabusa and Nitro have been bandied about! But exactly what Andy has up his sleeve we’ll have to wait and see, but you can be sure we’ll be watching and reporting his progress over the coming months and keeping you abreast of developments.

Of course alongside MO70 in the Robinson workshop will be another project dear to Andy’s heart, the rebuild or put more accurately, the rebirth of a new ’69 Camaro. But that’s another story and one we’ll be covering as well. So watch this space, things are about to get very interesting…