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You can rely on NGK this winter

Ignition specialist NGK works tirelessly to help its distributors and their garage customers cope with the increased winter demand for glow plugs for diesel powered vehicles.

The winter months are the key selling period for glow plugs and NGK works closely with its distributors to ensure they do not miss out on any sales opportunities. 

Mark Hallam, Marketing Manager, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, said: “Factors, distributors and garages are all fully aware that glow plugs sales spike in the winter months as temperatures fall and NGK is there to help them cope with the increased demand by ensuring they stock the right profile of glow plugs to leverage this sales opportunity.”

Glow plug replacement should be part of the winter service as they play an integral role in a vehicle’s economy and emissions’ performance and NGK says that instead of changing one faulty glow plug, workshops should ‘upsell’ by replacing all of them.

If one plug has failed, it is extremely likely that the remaining plugs will shortly suffer a similar fate. By replacing the vehicle set, not only will the tight emissions legislation be complied with, but as the glow plug is now an integral part of the engine management system, the starting and cold drive quality will be kept at its maximum.

NGK glow plugs:

  • Start diesel engines quickly and smoothly
  • Offer an excellent post-glow function
  • Have a long service life
  • Offer the latest in high technology for today and tomorrow


Removal and fitting

As glow plugs are often installed in engines for many thousands of miles, some vehicles are more prone than others in presenting removal problems. If there is doubt that a glow plug can be removed without damage, then if accessibility, circumstances, and time permits, then apply penetrating oil around the glow plug, then a squirt of engine oil. The vehicle should then be continued to be used and tackle the job another day - to allow the oil to penetrate and do its work. Remove the glow plug whilst the engine is still hot, using obvious precautions to protect hands.

To avoid damage to a new glow plug, follow the installation advice on the NGK packaging. Always install on to the taper seat by hand, do not over tighten the glow plug - or the terminal if the electrical connection is secured via a nut.

Why you should fit-OE specification glow-plugs

Because glow plugs are now a vital part of the engine management system it has never been more important to ensure that the installer is fitting the correct specification item.

Avoid budget alternatives as the engine management system can pick up very quickly the fact that they are not to the correct specification. The glow/engine management light will illuminate, performance of the vehicle will suffer, and worst case would be that consequential damage could result.

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Notes to Editors


Worldwide: NGK SPARK PLUG is one of the leading automotive and technical ceramics suppliers, with its corporate headquarters in Nagoya, Japan and sales organisations and production facilities all over the world. The automotive side of the company specialises in the fields of ignition and sensor technology, supplying Original Equipment customers across the globe. For the Aftermarket, its product portfolio comprises spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils and leads under the NGK Ignition Parts brand. Under the brand NTK Vehicle Electronics the company offers oxygen sensors (including NOx sensors), exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS), mass air flow (MAF) and manifold absolute/boost pressure (MAP) sensors as well as engine speed and position sensors. With around 16,400 employees, the company’s automotive and technical ceramics activities generate a total annual turnover of around 3.7 billion Euros worldwide. NGK SPARK PLUG’s EMEA sales represent 32% of this global turnover. NGK SPARK PLUG operates on all continents and has 60 group companies, 35 production plants, five Technical Centres and three Venture Labs.


Aftermarket EMEA: NGK SPARK PLUG has seen significant growth across the Aftermarket since expanding beyond motorcycle parts into the automotive sector in the 1970s. With an outstanding commitment to quality, technology and research & development the company has become the world’s number one in spark plugs and oxygen sensors, and a leading provider of glow plugs, ignition coils and leads as well as further sensor technology. Organisationally NGK SPARK PLUG’s regional headquarters in Ratingen, Germany serves the Aftermarket across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In the EMEA region the company has six regional companies and more than 1,000 employees, as well as two production plants in France and South Africa and a Technical Centre in Germany.


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