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At NTK Cutting Tools, our policy of manufacturing products is to create something strong, easy-to-use, and highly functional. From high-quality ceramics and CBN inserts to tools and holders, we offer an extensive portfolio.

Wide range of tooling products and inserts

Special tools and solutions for various applications

Strong, easy to use and highly functional

Maximum productivity

Cutting Tools Requirements

Cutting tools play an integral part in any manufacturing process, from components in the automotive sector and aerospace industry to the energy sector, in heavy machining and precision tools. To meet the varying requirements, NTK Cutting Tools offers a wide range of tooling products and inserts, including Ceramics, CBNs, PCDs, Cermets, Carbides and new materials like BIDEMICS, the latest revolutionary insert grade to hit the HRSA (heat resistant super alloy) material machining industry. Whatever the application, our policy is to manufacture products that are strong, easy to use, and highly functional.

Evolution of NTK Cutting Tools

With the foundation of NTK Cutting Tools, we have further expanded our activities: In addition to products engineered for the automotive sector, this subsidiary of the NGK Group offers innovative cutting materials and tooling systems for a vast range of applications across many industries. With more than 70 years of tradition, experience and continuous development in ceramics, NTK Cutting Tools has become one of the world's most successful ceramic, CBN and carbide cutting tools manufacturers.  

For more information on the wide range of products and applications, visit the NTK Cutting Tools website.

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