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NGK SPARK PLUG updates Part Finder for 4-Wheel applications

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NGK SPARK PLUG, the world’s leading ignition and sensor specialist, is excited to announce the update of its Part Finder for 4-wheel applications. Available in more than 40 languages, the e-catalogue provides global customers with a user-friendly experience, allowing them to access the company’s comprehensive portfolio of Aftermarket ignition and vehicle electronics parts. 

The increasing migration of customers towards digital platforms for replacement parts is providing NGK SPARK PLUG with great opportunities to strengthen its business. To this end, the company has utilised the expertise of TecAlliance, whose TecDoc catalogue is the globally recognised quality standard in the Aftermarket. With the assistance of TecAlliance’s TecDoc team, NGK SPARK PLUG has successfully integrated a Part Finder update that provides even better performance in terms of availability, flexibility and user-friendliness. The new e-catalogue incorporates familiar TecDoc standards, providing effective data management and 24/7 availability.

The numerous advantages of this upgrade also include interactive catalogue browsing, constantly updated data, and standardised vehicle and product descriptions. In addition, a new, easy-to-use search tool makes locating the correct spare part a simple procedure, with all products displayed on one page for the searched vehicle.

Moreover, the intuitive nature of the new and dynamic e-catalogue is further demonstrated by an updated dashboard, and a sensitive graphic product search which delivers fast and efficient identification of the vehicle in question and its associated Aftermarket part. 

The improved e-catalogue can be accessed via the large, red, rectangular button marked ‘Part Finder’, which is prominent on the website. The updated online catalogue is also optimised for mobile phone use and has the potential for future applications.

“Our updated Part Finder is another step towards the digitalisation of our company,” says Frank Massia, Director Marketing Aftermarket EMEA, NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE GmbH. “Our new e-catalogue boosts our digital presence, providing our global customers with a state-of-the-art and intuitive user experience. It offers improved performance and comprehensive product data which is regularly updated and easy to manage. All of these enhancements will further increase our already high levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty and prospects.”

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NGK SPARK PLUG is now Niterra!

But don‘t worry: Moving forward doesn‘t mean we‘re leaving our heritage and quality standards behind.
Our new company name ‘Niterra’ expresses the Group’s desire to be a company that not only contributes to a sustainable society, but also one that makes the earth shine.

The iconic brands - NGK and NTK - have built up highly impressive levels of brand loyalty and will therefore continue to exist for the company’s respective ignition and sensor businesses.

Get to know all about our new company name and what our future vision looks like:

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