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New NGK spark and glow plugs achieve 4-wheel vehicle coverage of more than 700,000 – with significant future growth potential

NGK SPARK PLUG, the world-leading ignition and sensor specialist, has announced a major extension to its automotive Independent Aftermarket (IAM) spark and glow plug lines, including important first-to-market additions, following the OE business of NGK SPARK PLUG. The introductions further expand car parc coverage, as well as offering fast-growing replacement opportunities for IAM customers.

The company made five new spark plugs and one new glow plug available in a two-phase introduction during March. Together the six 4-wheel references will cover more than 700,000 petrol and diesel cars across Europe in 2020, rising to over 400,000 additional vehicles by 2023: a forecast increase of 56% within the next three years.

Most of the introductions have also been launched by NGK SPARK PLUG as Original Equipment, assuring Aftermarket distributors and workshops of high-quality and performance features.

All of the spark plugs are part of the company’s high-end Laser Iridium product range and feature double precious metal electrode technology for the highest resistance against wear. Amongst them, reference SILZKFR8F7S – here NGK SPARK PLUG is pioneering the Aftermarket – applies to more than 30 recent Mercedes-Benz models such as the increasingly popular Mercedes C200 EQ Boost Hybrid. The company is also first to the Aftermarket with spark plug SILKGR9A7ES, which is designed to power an expanding car parc of Audi, Bentley and VW models from 2016.

Part number ILFER7C8EG covers more than 40 key Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and VW applications including the recently launched VW Tiguan 2.0 TFSi and Audi A4 2.0 TFSi Mild-Hybrid. In addition, spark plug DIFR5C meets the needs of the volume-selling Toyota Yaris since 2012; whilst SILKAR8D6 covers the Subaru Levorg from 2015.

The new glow plug is another of the company’s market-firsts. The Yellow Box reference Y8012AS offers high performance for the latest Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBlue applications; a car parc that is expected to double in size by 2023.

Frank Massia, Director Marketing Aftermarket EMEA at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE GmbH said: “This is a carefully targeted range extension that provides the highest performance replacement spark and glow plugs for a rapidly expanding vehicle parc. Above all, the sales potential for our Aftermarket customers will continue to grow significantly.”

The new references SILZKFR8F7S and ILFER7C8EG will be listed in TecDoc from 16 April 2020. References SILKAR8D6, DIFR5C, SILKGR9A7ES and Y8012AS will be listed in TecDoc from 1 May 2020. All new references will also be included in the company’s next spark and glow plug print catalogue.

Alongside its advanced spark and glow plugs, the company’s NGK Ignition Parts portfolio includes ignition coils and leads. A complete selection of precision automotive sensors is also available under the NTK Vehicle Electronics brand. More details can be found at

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