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Five new NGK Ignition Coils bring 300,000 extra servicing

Five new, OE-quality replacement ignition coils – including one that is first-to-market – are being made available to the independent Aftermarket by the world’s leading ignition and sensor manufacturer, NGK SPARK PLUG.

Launched to distributors and workshops across 44 European countries from January 2019, the range extension covers 40, essential Fiat, Nissan, Peugeot/Citroën, Honda and Volkswagen passenger car applications, equivalent to 300,000 vehicles on Europe’s roads. With that additional car parc expected to see continued double-digit growth, the new ignition coils open up extra servicing opportunities for Aftermarket customers.

Amongst these latest introductions, reference U5383 – an OE-quality coil suitable for every new small to medium Volkswagen Group car – is unique in the Aftermarket. In addition, part number U5365 covers the high-performance Alfa 4C as well as a variety of Alfa Romeo and Lancia models; U6058 further expands the company’s selection of U6 coils for Peugeot/Citroën applications; U5269 coverage includes the 10th generation of Honda Civics built between 2011 and 2017; and U1102 is ideal for longer life expectancy cars such as the Nissan Patrol GR and Vanette. It is the first time that NGK SPARK PLUG has offered references U5383 and U6058 to the Aftermarket anywhere in the world.

NGK Ignition Coils

Including the five new references, almost 400 ignition coil part numbers are now available from the NGK Ignition Parts brand, covering 11,000 applications - representing 92 per cent of vehicles in Europe. Every item is supplied within its popular Yellow Line range.

Continual product introductions for most recent vehicle models are part of the company’s customer-focused strategy, confirms David Loy, Vice President Aftermarket EMEA at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE. “We want distributors and workshops to be able to meet almost every current ignition and sensor need with NGK and NTK parts,” he says. “These new coils are one of several recent range extensions that will bring even more business to our customers. Reference U5383 is a significant addition to the portfolio as it will fit all Polos, Golfs and other B-C segment VWs for the next few years.”

Providing a petrol engine’s spark plug with the high voltage needed to generate a spark and ignite the fuel, ignition coil quality is a key factor in reliability. Kai Wilschrei, Manager Technical Services Aftermarket EMEA at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE, explains: “Weak ignition coils cause engine misfiring and performance problems. That’s why, from single spark to dual spark types, all of our replacement ignition coils are manufactured to exceptional OE-quality. This means that Aftermarket customers can trust our coils to deliver a precise fit, superior vibration and moisture resistance, and long-lasting durability.”

The new ignition coils are listed on the TecDoc catalogue. Useful technical videos are also available at NGK SPARK PLUG’s free, online technical information platform,

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