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NEW NGK small engine catalogue is packed with plugs in perfect time for the outdoor season

slashes Press release from 17/07/2018

NGK SPARK PLUG’s just-launched, fully updated small engine catalogue 2018-19 is packed with spark plug, cap and glow plugs for more than 13,300 applications. The ranges provide reliable, powerful ignition for small motors such as lawnmowers, generators, trimmers and chainsaws, as well as for the more significant demands of tractors, handling vehicles and forklift trucks.

The number of applications listed in the catalogue has increased by more than 10% compared with the last issue, with 1,300 new entries. Sections include dedicated categories for petrol tools, diesel tools and petrol engines. The additions also include several new spark plugs of identical OE quality to those NGK SPARK PLUG supplies to specialist engine manufacturers such as Kubota.

There are even NGK applications for the specially tuned, extremely powerful timber chainsaws used in the renowned ‘Hot Saw Championships’ – in which lumberjacks from around the world compete to saw three, slim slices off a 19-inch log in record time.

With further customer convenience in mind, the catalogue’s categories, pictograms, product information and replacement list overview have all been re-designed for fast, easy reference. New explanation pages for caps have been added. Users will also find helpful advice on understanding the company’s product codes, and tips on plug replacement.

David Loy, Marketing Director Aftermarket EMEA at NGK SPARK PLUG Europe confirmed: “Distributors know there’s no such thing as a typical small engine! The ignition demands of a domestic garden tool are vastly different to those of, say, a commercial generator or a farm tractor. Every NGK replacement plug is therefore developed to suit, and easily identified in our new catalogue. Our plugs even excel on the toughest test-bench of them all: the Hot Saw Championships. What better endorsement could there be?”

Out now, the new NGK SPARK PLUG small engine catalogue 2018-19 is available in 13 languages. As well as the printed version, it can be downloaded in PDF format from NGK SPARK PLUG’s website.

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