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NGK Spark Plug Europe supplies NTK Lambda sensors in OE quality for outboard motors from Honda

slashes Press release from 07/31/2017

NGK Spark Plug Europe, the leading manufacturer of spark plugs and Lambda sensors, is now offering Lambda sensors from the NTK brand for boat engines to the European aftermarket for the first time. In time for the summer season, two Lambda sensor types have been made available for popular four stroke engines from Honda.


What is common for the road is beginning to prevail off-shore as well: Engine manufacturers must take appropriate measures to minimise the output of noxious pollutants, in particular of carbon monoxide, nitric oxides and hydrocarbons, while also lowering consumption.

Cars with petrol engines have long since been using Lambda sensors to help with regulating the combustion. And Lambda sensors can also be found in a growing number of today’s outboard engines, e.g. in engines from Honda: The Japanese manufacturer was one of the first to switch to four stroke engine technology for its outboard engines and to comply with strict environmental regulations. The company’s smaller outboard engines designated BF75 and BF90 as well as its award-winning, more powerful BF200 and BF225 motors feature the “Ecomo” function. Aided by a Lambda sensor, they are able to electronically adjust the air-fuel ratio to deliver the desired performance at highest possible level of engine efficiency and environmental protection. Honda already uses Lambda sensors from the NTK brand for series production of these engines. 

In contrast to cars, however, Lambda sensors for maritime applications work under most demanding conditions. Splash water threatens to reach the sensor and destroy the ceramic sensor element, which operates at temperatures of more than 300 °C. Additionally, aggressive sea water can reduce the lifetime of a Lambda sensor.

This is the first time that the NTK Lambda sensors for the aforementioned engines have been made available to the independent Aftermarket by NGK Spark Plug Europe: The OZA596-H1 (OE no. 35655-ZY3-013, NGK part no. 90739) is the perfect choice for the Honda outboard engines BF200 and BF225.  The OZA596-H2 (OE no. 35655-ZY9-003, NGK part no. 97490) replaces the original sensor in the Honda engines BF75 and BF90. Thanks to appropriate cable lengths and connectors, both sensors come prefinished “out of the box”.

“With these sensors we are addressing a growing demand within the marine market. A demand that we plan to meet with the launch of further Lambda sensors in future,” says David Loy, Marketing Director Aftermarket Europe at NGK Spark Plug Europe. “As the world’s leading manufacturer of Lambda sensors and partner to virtually all engine makers, we offer the trade and the boat owners uncompromising quality. The quality of a leading supplier of the OEMs.”


About NGK Spark Plug: NGK Spark Plug is one of the leading automotive suppliers. Specialised in the fields of ignition and sensor technology, the Company supplies customers in Original Equipment and Aftermarket across the globe. Its product portfolio comprises spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils and ignition leads under the brand NGK Ignition Parts as well as mass air flow and manifold absolute pressure sensors, lambda sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors and NOx sensors under the brand NTK Vehicle Electronics. The Company runs production plants and sales organisations all over the world. With more than 14,000 employees, it generates an annual turnover of around 2.9 billion euros. NGK is represented on all continents and has 42 group companies, 24 production plants and 5 technical centres.


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