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NGK Spark Plug Europe presents three new spark plugs for motorbikes, scooters and quads

slashes Press release from 10/04/2016

NGK Spark Plug Europe has added three spark plugs for motorbikes, scooters, quads and side-by-side vehicles to its range. All three new spark plugs come directly from the world’s leading spark plug manufacturer’s OE business with Suzuki and Honda. In the independent Aftermarket they are available exclusively from NGK.


With the LMAR8BI-9 (NGK stock no. 91909, Suzuki part no. 09482-00635) now available to workshops and distributors, NGK Spark Plug Europe now offers an OE-identical spark plug for recent motorbikes from Suzuki. The spark plug is used as OE in the Suzuki Dual Sport motorbikes 2014 DL1000A, 2015 DL1000A and 2016 DL1000A. It features a long-reaching and slim thread with a diameter of only 10 mm (Hex 14) as well as a slim iridium tip on the centre electrode. This ensures optimal mixture accessibility and combustion throughout a long service interval, as the use of the precious metal iridium prevents electrode wear and corrosion. 

The second spark plug launched recently is designated MR8C-9N (NGK stock no. 97985, Honda part no. 31918-K44-V01). Honda uses this spark plug with nickel electrodes in scooters such as the popular Spacey and PCX. It features a longer insulator nose, which helps prevent fouling.

Finally, NGK Spark Plug Europe has introduced the MR7F (NGK stock no. 95897, Polaris part nos. 3022462, 3022559, 3022639 and 3022274) to the independent Aftermarket. Like the MR8C-9N, this spark plug comes with standard electrodes and a lengthened insulator nose to prevent accumulation of carbon deposits and ensure proper ignition on a wide number of Polaris’ quads and side-by-side vehicles. The application list includes about 100 entries from popular model lines like RZR, Ranger, Sportsman or Hawkeye.

All applications of the three newly launched spark plugs can be looked up on the Internet using NGK Spark Plug Europe’s online product finder at


About NGK Spark Plug: NGK Spark Plug is one of the leading automotive suppliers. Specialised in the fields of ignition and sensor technology, the Company supplies customers in Original Equipment and Aftermarket across the globe. Its product portfolio comprises spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils and ignition leads under the brand NGK Ignition Parts as well as mass air flow and manifold absolute pressure sensors, lambda sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors and NOx sensors under the brand NTK Vehicle Electronics. The Company runs production plants and sales organisations all over the world. With more than 14,000 employees, it generates an annual turnover of around 2.9 billion euros. NGK is represented on all continents and has 42 group companies, 24 production plants and 5 technical centres.


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