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NGK: on-car branding with Scuderia Ferrari

slashes Press release from 01/30/2015

Ratingen, 30.01.2015 - We are entering the twentieth year of partnership between Scuderia Ferrari and the world’s leading ignition company: a strong cooperation growing year by year. Only few brands can prove the uncompromising ability of their technologies to perform in the most innovative of sectors. If this supremacy is a matter of fact, there is no reason to choose anything different. That’s why in Formula One it is said that only NGK can deliver the winning spark.


When a Formula One mechanic begins engine testing, he or she carries out an exceptional and revolutionary technological process: this is NGK’s natural environment. More than 300 wins in Formula One races and a total of 32 World Driver and Constructors’ Championships have been achieved with the aid of NGK spark plugs. And this top motorsport adventure is set to continue in 2015. And another tradition is also to be carried forth this year: NGK is again partner to Scuderia Ferrari in a very important moment for the racing team of Maranello. 

This partnership dates back to 1996, when NGK began supplying the team with spark plugs, and has since delivered successful results for both companies: six World Driver and eight Constructors’ Championships in the most exciting episodes of the long history of the ‘Cavallino Rampante’, where NGK’s hi-tech quality played a special role.

Results like these can only be achieved with high-quality and reliable products made by NGK both for motorsport and the business. Because only the development of innovative, tailor-made and high-performing products will take a company to the top. It is from this position that NGK has confirmed and strengthened its technical collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari for 2015. The renewed partnership between the two brands is now even stronger: NGK will develop ad-hoc products for the vehicles driven by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen and this technological momentum will be reflected by the NGK brand on Maranello’s cars. 

“The NGK sticker on Scuderia Ferrari’s Formula One cars is the seal of many years of close collaboration with Maranello’s engineers: results and success which are second-to-none. We are proud to continue our work with Scuderia Ferrari and display our brand on the most prestigious cars in motorsports that will be running for victory again this year,” comments Damien Germès, Senior Vice President, NGK Spark Plug Europe.


About NGK: NGK is the world’s leading manufacturer of spark plugs, glow plugs and lambda sensors. The Company runs production plants and sales organisations all over the world. With a total of 13,000 employees, the Company generates an annual turnover of around 2.7 billion euros. NGK is represented on all continents and has 43 group companies, 24 production plants and 5 technical centres.


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